April 27 was our lodge public school night, Talk about an exciting night and packed event. Lowell and La Habra school district had about 70 to 80 people each, are officers and their families were present as were many other brethern of not just our lodge, but Artesia Sunrise, Golden Trowel Norwalk, Greenleaf Gardens, and Grand Lodge. We gave out two awards and scholarships, one for a graduating senior of La Habra high school and one for a graduating senior of Sonorna high school. Congratulations to Ms. Ji Hae and Ms. Calin, bright girls both holding a 4.5 gpa. Awards were also given to the teacher of the year for both districts as well as employee and dept of the year. One employee stuck out for me, he had 30 family members there for him and he had a very hard time trying to get his words out because it ment so much to him. This is a must see event and hope it will continue to grow next year.

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