This is my final post as Master of Cornerstone Lodge. I believe we had a very good year, and I had a great time as Master. This year started out with some adversity, first we lost Worshipful Chuck as our assistant officers coach when his beautiful wife Carol had bypass surgery, then we kind of lost Worshipful Sam when his beautiful wife Carol had surgery on her foot. Next we lost our candidates coach Worshipful Al Walcott to cancer. So what do you do when basically you lose three out of three of your coaches? We had an officers meeting and decided we will coach by committee and move forward. I really believe this brought our lodge together. We had past masters coming to help at practices. A few months later our Jr. Steward had to move out of state. So we had a few of our newer Brothers fill in as well as some more Past masters. We moved forward and had a great year until Grand Lodge decided they needed more inspectors and made Wor. Sam and Wor. Pete Inspectors.
This year we had some cool events, we had the Demolay perform the Demolay Degree t our lodge, Public schools night with the awarding of two $1000.00 scholarships, I attended one of the Raise a reader events, a few of us attended a cornerstone ceremony at a school in Menifee, we had our sweethearts tea, the Melanie Sorensen fund raiser, the Corn Festival with our Job’s Daughters and Shrinners in the parade, attended a Grand Lodge event at Research Lodge, our Job’s Daughters hosted two of our Stated dinners, and the last event was the rededication of the Midnight Mission in LA.
Congratulations Worshipful Birk Sorensen on becoming our new Master of Cornerstone Lodge #659. I hope your year is as rewarding to you as my year was for me.

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