Installation day the breakfast went by quick, installation practice even quicker. After practice everyone went their own way, I stayed at lodge to take in the alone time to finish my remarks. My committee showed and got the dinner started and finished everything need for that night. The time came, people started to show, and pictures of the officers, their families, and youth groups were taken and we were ready to began. The officers were lined up and I took my place and that’s when I saw extra chairs being rushed out to accommodate everyone. I saw how packed it was and that’s when it hit me. As I sat and watched the officers go one by one it was all sinking in, thank God I requested no interlude and my master of ceremonies told me not to lock my knees or i’d fall over because he could tell my nerves kicked in. I made my way to the East and got through introductions and presentations, but at my remarks when thanking everyone I had to take a moment when talking about Worshipful Al Wolcott, I was shook enough that I forgot to introduce the families. The reception after went very well and the food delicious, the music was great and everyone had fun.

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