The day after our public schools night our lodge went through a two and a half week transformation. Many brethern and people came to the call of help needed to get the work done to where we now are. Brothers Jeremiah Barmer and Christopher Myrick who are still working to reach their 3° with a neighbor joined brother Thomas Ocampo, Worshipful Bob Breech and myself in the demo of the lodge room. Brothers Barmer and Myrick not only did a lot of work in the demo but painted the lodge room before the installation of carpet. Worshipful Travis Halstead, Worshipful Pete Edgar and brother Thomas Ocampo did some wood work before the carpet went in, hen brother Barmer and Worshipful Halstead did some work above the ceiling tiles. Brother Myrick and Barmer did a quick fix to our t-bar and other work was done. The next few days the carpet went in. While the carpet was being installed the lodge was emptied, when work was done for the day i would set up for job’s meeting as well as for Greenleaf Gardens meetings, our stated and brother Barmer’s second degree (our first construction degree that i’m aware of) after which everything was removed from the lodge so work could continue the following morning. Worshipful Mac Macerag made the necessary calls to have the furniture moved in and with the help of our prospect justin Liu and myself we installed the new furniture and all the other things. The seats in the North and South were put together by Worshipful Mac Macaraeg jr., Worshipful Pete Edgar, and myself. Besides calling for the carpet brother Paul Simonoff and Worshipful Ralph Ochoa brought the hardware and brother Paul has started securing the stadium seats. Thank you to Greenleaf Gardens for the furniture and the moving of everything, our Temple Board for getting it all started and going, and to the many brethern and people who helped and continue to help. Sorry if I forgot anybody.

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