I cannot believe how cool it is that we have a website now.  Can you believe that we now have WiFi? It is unbelievable that we are now up to Y2K standards!

I sure do hope that we can get more brothers to help out with our monthly work parties at the lodge.

During our last stated meeting, brother Bob Schmitt expressed that we really need a new organ. The problem is that we do not have enough money to even purchase a used organ that is better than the one we have.

It as so cool to have 18 participants at our AED / CPR training. I would really like to hold another one really soon. There is no better feeling than that of saving another life.

I really wish that the brothers that joined us in the last 5 years would think back to why they wanted to become a mason and return to the lodge to fulfill that desire.

Don’t forget – “To Be One, Ask One”

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