For my first blog i need to start with congratulations to brother Manny Lerma. It was his 3rd degree where I qualified for master. The day before I ran my work passed our inspector and I didn’t need an answer, I was so overwhelmed with nerves that I couldn’t get more yhan a few lines in before stumbling. Worshipful Muller and Worshipful Ochoa both gave me advice, told me to relax, breath, and let it go.

The next day i opened lodge started shaky but I no longer worried about will I pass or not, will I do good. In my head i shook it all off and was going to do the best for my candidate this was his day. My mind went blank and the words just seem to flow out of my mouth and before I could think about what was going on I was done and felt i have him a good degree.

To anyone having problems with ritual i say don’t just memorize the words, learn the meaning to what is being taught and picture the story unfold, relax, and find your rhythm.

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